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We’re here to help our clients live the lifestyle they want without ever running out of money. It can be done, Lifestyle Financial Planning can answer the important financial questions… Will I have enough money to do the things that are important to me, can I retire early, will I have enough to put the kids through college etc…


iQ Financial was established by Coman & Enda Brady in 2005. We have combined Financial services experience of over 55 years and, having evolved over the years, our business is focused on working with clients who want to develop Lifestyle Financial Plans. 


We look at your financial objectives and goals to map out the lifestyle you want. We put a cost on that lifestyle and look at strategies to ensure you always have enough money to meet that cost. We then work with you year after year (this is the really important bit) to ensure that you stick to your plan and achieve everything you want.  


Lifestyle Financial Plans move the focus of our interactions with clients away from a narrow product focus to a much broader and relevant discussion about their life goals and desires. Making financial decisions without a plan is still common, it’s just nowhere near as effective as having a plan.


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