Our Beliefs

Our Financial Planning Beliefs


  • You have no chance of reaching your goals without a Lifestyle Financial Plan
  • You need to write down your life goals and aspirations, put a cost on that lifestyle and look at ways to ensure you always have enough money
  • It is critical that you review your personal circumstances and goals every year and make necessary amendments to your Lifestyle Financial plan
  • Be prudent in your assumptions. Get the bonus when things go well and maintain your lifestyle during the inevitable downturns.
  • Lifestyle Financial Planning is about making sure you don’t fall into either of the following 2 categorises on your death bed;


    • Not Enough – people who worked hard but didn’t make the most of their money and couldn’t afford to do the things they wanted with their loved ones


    • Got too much – people who worked hard and for too long! They had the money to do the things they wanted but they didn’t know it! They died with more money than they needed and paid tax on that money twice (this is worse than the ‘Not Enough’ category!)
  • It’s not a disaster to be in the ‘Not enough’ category – but you really should do something about it now.



Our Investment Beliefs:

  • Equities (shares) should be the driver of most investment portfolios
  • Staying invested for the long term is key. This means investing in equities for 10 years or more.
  • Stock markets are made up of some of the best, most innovative companies in the world who we believe will continue to thrive and deliver long term returns for investors
  • We have never lived at a better time financially in the world. Overall, life expectancy is increasing, the percentage of people living in extreme poverty is decreasing and GDP per capita has increased by 35% since 1990.
  • We believe that your investment will under perform to the extent that you are not invested in equities
  • Pessimists are unlikely to do well investing as they will inevitably listen to the incessant negative “noise’’ about markets and eventually lose faith and withdraw from the market
  • You should never take advice from the financial pages. Bad news increasingly sells newspapers and even in the best of times there are never any shortage of articles pondering the next great financial disaster.
  • When it comes to managing your investments, doing nothing is often the best course of action. As Warren Buffett says “ Our favourite stock holding period is forever’’

You don't need the big plays to win; you just have to eliminate the dumb ones.

- Lou Holtz
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